Ronke Odewumi


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The Lost Khaki Girls

Adunni is a very beautiful young woman with a secret that will shatter her family; she is in despair and just wants to turn back the hands of time.      

Jadesola is the wealthy daughter of a diplomat, she has lived a pampered life and made terrible choices, now she is at a crossroads and her next choice could be the end of life as she knows it.      

Becky has been raised by religious fanatics and is running away from a life of abuse and brutal crime, some of which are hers. She is desperate to turn over a new leaf but doesn’t really know how.      

Far away from family and friends in a military-controlled boot camp, their lives interweave in exciting and dangerous ways. This is a thrilling story of love, betrayal, murder and self-discovery.

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For UK residents, you can also buy directly (and at a lower price of £9.99) from the author.

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